Russia 2018: A World Cup Journal

  • Published by Sputnikat Press, Moscow, 2022
  • 80 pages, 190 × 310 × 8 mm
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In collaboration with Christopher Rainbow and Sputnikat Press, ‘Russia 2018: A World Cup Journal’ is a collection of reportage comics, illustrations and essays, made in Russia during its World Cup summer of 2018. Through a series of observational snapshots, ‘A World Cup Journal’ examines the friendships, cultural idiosyncrasies, and shared love of football between visitors and locals during that summer, documenting a period of short-lived optimism while also tracing the portents of darker days ahead.

Selected press

A picaresque, beautifully risographed tour around the host country…Goldsmith and Rainbow show us all the other parts of football, beyond the headlines, rendered uncannily alien in a foreign context: a disappointing Panini sticker pack, its contents scattered in the streets of Moscow; a five-a-side game where the ball must be retrieved from waist-deep snow when it’s knocked out of play; hearts broken by games lost, watched on tablets and smartphones while stuck on cross-country train journeys… all the alternate realities of football fandom converge: community, commerce, comedy, and corruption, captured in a few small frames.

Broken Frontier